Apprendre le Français

Dear Readers,

What better day than this rainy Monday to begin learning French? While, as you well know,  I’m not a fan of the French, I do like their language, and I really like their food.

Here I have put together a guide of practical French words you can begin to memorize, along with illustrations made by the weasels. Guess what? I am not allowed to call them weasels anymore. And, I must admit, they are no longer weasels– they are turning into young women and their greatest offense now is to constantly refer to me as “she” or “her.” Do I look like a girl to you?!

Here they are all grown up.  Somewhat tart-ish, if you ask me. Surely that’s Bernice’s influence.

Well, with that, I will leave you, cherished readers, to your French studies.

Until the next,
I remain,
your loyal dog and blogger,


Author: Mickey

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