Do you like weasels? Maybe you do, but do you live with them?

Let me first say that a weasel is not a rodent. Rodents have teeth that keep growing. Weasels’ teeth stop growing. Weasels actually eat rodents.

Dogs don’t really get along with weasels. Do you know why? Because weasels are annoying.

I live with two annoying weasels. One rubs toothpaste all over her face and snaps crayons in two.

The other is incessantly performing show and tell.

Does she think I care about her dumb toy? I left pre-school a long time ago, and not a moment too soon.

We all have to live with our roommates’ irritating habits, isn’t that true? But some roommates are worse than others.

The Harriet and Mickey Chronicle is sponsoring a contest for our vast readership. Send us your annoying roommate stories, and if you have the most annoying roommate, you’ll win a weasel-filled weekend. Yes! We’ll ship our weasels to you, free-of-charge, for one full weekend (Friday night included) and when they leave (Sunday at midnight) you’ll never complain about your roommate again.

Send your entry to mickey@ Please put “annoying roommate” in the subject line.

As always we remain,
your devoted,
Harriet and Mickey

Author: Annie LaVigne

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