Hello dear readers!

It is I, your good friend Harriet the rabbit, speaking from beyond the grave. You knew it would happen, didn’t you? I know Mickey knew I wouldn’t be able to stay out of it. I write because I have met a very distinguished gentleman here, who authored a book entitled, Don’t.

It is filled with badly needed etiquette advice for our readers. Perhaps from time to time I can pass on a quote or two from the book.

Let us start with a selection from In Speech:

Don’t use slang. There is some slang that, according to Thackeray, is gentlemanly slang, and other slang that is vulgar. If one does not know the difference, let him [or her] avoid slang altogether, and then he will be safe.

Don’t use profane language. Don’t multiply epithets and adjectives; don’t be too fond of superlatives. Moderate your transports.

Don’t use meaningless exclamations, such as “Oh my!” “Oh, crackey!” etc.

Author: Harriet

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