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June 29

In Fes
shopping for gifts
a leather school bag for Katie
pottery for my mother
jewelled silver boxes for anyone
and candy for Mona’s boys

We stopped in the morning
at a hidden café,
sat at a table in the back
and drank mint tea.

We were so close
making future plans
serious realistic plans
that he would save,
come over in three months,
six months at the latest.

There were old men there too,
but we didn’t even notice their
sideways looks.
It wasn’t an act.
It was real real real.
Mint tea
and Chihab paid.

July 1

You’re going to make me cry,
he told me,
his big brown eyes were wide and true,
but a smirk rested on his mouth.

I had pulled the string
to the pink animal
that now played a tinkling lullaby.
Why? I asked.

Because Julia has my rabbit,
is keeping it for the week.
She’s dressing it up in baby doll clothes
and changing its diaper.

He giggled in spite of himself.
We both started laughing.
She’s putting diapers on it,
he said.
It was so funny
a rabbit with diapers.

Later on I found him in his room
lying on the floor
tears rolling down his face,
listening to that lullaby again
hugging that pink thing close.

He missed Julia.

July 19

To write a book
you have to be a real woman,
he said.
You can’t be afraid of being a failure.
You have to be patient
and let it come slowly, slowly, slowly.
You have to be willing to make sacrifices.
You must be acceptant-
accept the result as it is
and not look for more.
The outcome of your love
can never be exactly as you would like.
It is out of your control.


July 21

Sometimes lately
I drink too much
feel sloppy
and sleepy
sit and stare at nothing;
waste the time away.