Commencement 2010

Dear Attentive Reader,

Well, it is graduation time again, and, as I have not been asked to give any commencement speeches, I would like to give some advice here, in my blog, to all the recently coined alumni.

First, let me say that it is I, Harriet, hosting the blog today. Once in a while I do get off the new chaise and make my way to the computer. (Though computers aren’t really my forte, and this one makes a very loud electronic whooshing sound which gets under my apron.)

Here are three small jewels for you to take home to your own chaise and cogitate at your leisure:

From Mrs. Beeton’s Kitchen:
1. Dirty saucepans filled with hot water begin to clean themselves.

From Our First President:
2. Be not immodest in urging your Friends to Discover a Secret.

And from my favorite writer, Eudora Welty:
3. A sheltered life can be a daring life as well. For all serious daring starts from within.

And finally, a picture by the elder weasel, which demonstrates an attitude of great openness which all alumni should endeavor to cultivate in the big, wide world.

Until the next,
I remain,
your trusted rabbit,
and good friend,

Author: Harriet

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