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Hello dear readers!

It is I, your good friend Harriet the rabbit, speaking from beyond the grave. You knew it would happen, didn’t you? I know Mickey knew I wouldn’t be able to stay out of it. I write because I have met a very distinguished gentleman here, who authored a book entitled, Don’t.

It is filled with badly needed etiquette advice for our readers. Perhaps from time to time I can pass on a quote or two from the book.

Let us start with a selection from In Speech:

Don’t use slang. There is some slang that, according to Thackeray, is gentlemanly slang, and other slang that is vulgar. If one does not know the difference, let him [or her] avoid slang altogether, and then he will be safe.

Don’t use profane language. Don’t multiply epithets and adjectives; don’t be too fond of superlatives. Moderate your transports.

Don’t use meaningless exclamations, such as “Oh my!” “Oh, crackey!” etc.

May I say something?

I am trying to learn to paint. One of my favorite artists, Yoshitomo Nara, makes these delicious backgrounds that have so many colors in them, but it’s very subtle. I have been trying to figure out his technique, which seems to involve layering lots of colors:

I’ve been making a lot of drawings in my journal this year. Many are posted on my Instagram account. I just start drawing and see what happens. But now I’m wanting to stop being such a wimp and start making bigger pieces. I’ve made a few big works, but I’m so scared of screwing up on a large scale that I play it safe. Recently I’ve played it so safe I haven’t painted anything big.

So I thought I’d start small going larger, and I made a drawing on a 9″ x 12″ sheet of 140 lb., hot press watercolor paper. Here it is:

May I say something?

It actually looks better digitally than it does in person. The white crayon I used over the background to try to tone it down looks much cruder. Plus the paper’s all curled up. That’s a bit of an issue with paper…

The Fox is Done!

Annie has just put the finishing touches on Fox.  He does not  have a name yet. Please leave a name suggestion in the comment box, and we will name him accordingly.  He’s a 70s-type fox, loosely based on the drawing “Booty Fox.”

Fox front view
Fox from the side
Fox from the back (as if being arrested)

Harriet dead at age 26

Dear readers,

It is with great seriousness, regret, truthfulness that I inform you of the death of Harriet. That is, of Harriet’s body. It’s difficult to pinpoint a time of death, but it seems quite clear that our good friend Harriet has departed her body.

Harriet’s body will be donated to Bay State Textiles. No services will be held, however gifts in memory of her long and some might say boring life can be sent to: Mickey, c/o Harriet and Mickey, 31 Brook Hill Road, Milton, MA  02186. (HINT: Harriet loved books and chocolate.)

It remains to be seen if she will continue as a contributor this blog. In the meantime, I will helm the ship.

Your devoted and eagerly expectant friend, and dog,